Window Tinting Poole

Window Tinting Poole

Window Tinting Poole

When you’re in search of window tinting, look no further than Advanced Tinting in Poole!

With our state of the art films and experience, we are more than capable of delivering 100% customer satisfaction across the board!

Advantages of Advanced Window Tinting in Poole:

  • Obstructs UV Rays
  • Decreases sun glare
  • Solar Control
  • Aids in preventing the fading of household furniture as well as upholstery
  • Improves home security and safety
  • Improves visual appeal

Advanced tinting in Poole works brilliantly for all types of windows – Office windows, vehicle windows and many more!

Our wide variety of film for tinting includes:

  • Low –E window film.
  • Stained glass window film.
  • Patterned window film.
  • Frosted window film.
  • Solar control film.
  • Decorative window film.
  • UV window film.
  • Anti glare film.
  • Security window film.

Save the colour of your furniture from sunlight by using tinted windows!

ALWAYS Remember, the elegance of your beloved furniture WILL fade away when fully exposed to direct sunlight.

And of course, REMEMBER, sunlight comes hand in hand with heat; therefore the electronics in your household within the line of sight of your windows are endangered.

But why not save yourself the hassle of ‘remembering’ all these issues? When we can diffuse the risks once and for all? AND make your windows look brilliant!

Interested? Contact us today for a free quote.