Window film installation

Window film installation

Window film installation  

For the best Window film installation you deserve and need make sure to come to advanced tinting and we will sort you right. 

At advanced tinting all of our staff are committed and trained professionals in installing window film installation’s on your car window.

What is Window film installation? Window Film Installation

Window film installation is used to do a lot of things such as minimize heat lose so you can stay warm during the cold days and during the winter when travelling , it’s used for window and screen safety to prevent scratches or marks actually coming on to the actual glass so it stays clean and shiny, to reduce glare and make it clearer to see through, some glass and windows are useless and you just end up seeing yourself in the mirror. Window film will block 99% of the harmful rays so making your skin safer in so many ways, and finally it adds privacy so if you don’t want to be seen as clearly by other people then this is a great way to stop that.

Why should you come to Advanced tinting?

The reason why you should come to us is because all of our staff  has had over 20 years of experience with window tinting so we know how to perform a professional job and make sure you get the customer satisfaction you deserve. Ever since the company started we have always wanted to make windows more connected to the outside world but at the same time make it much more effective to come to us and place window film glass for a less expensive price rather than going out and spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds on windows that aren’t  as effective as our window and glass treatment.

What we can offer you?

When you come to us at Advanced Tinting, not only will you get the absolute 100% guarantee and satisfaction but you will also see a huge difference. But also when you come to us our staff will ensure you have complete peace of mind and explain to you the differences that you will notice. We are very confident that it wouldn’t come to it because we are absolutely certain you’ll be pleased with the results.

Our Reputation and Standards gleam through. Window Film 

We can offer our window film installation services across a lot of areas which include: Bournemouth, Dorset, Devon and London.

We will only ever deliver the highest of standard of installation for window films.

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