Vehicle Window Tinting 

Vehicle window tinting. All Car Window Tints fitted by Advanced Tinting are to the highest standard in the industry. With our high attention to detail we are second to none. We offer an exclusive range of quality films.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays. These can cause damage to a vehicle’s interior. Window film will form a barrier that blocks up to 99% of UV rays. This will help to keep your cars interior looking newer for longer. It also shields you and your passengers from the suns harmful (UV) rays. A great alternative to stick-on shields.

Solar Control. Automotive film will help to keep you and your vehicle cooler in the summer. This could be by as much as 16°C. This saves fuel by not using the air conditioning as much.

Reduce Glare And Driver Fatigue. The film reduces potentially dangerous glare. This could be from the sun, headlights or reflective surfaces. The reduction of this glare can actually make your driving safer.

Vehicle Window Tinting Benefits:

Enhances appearance, therefore adding value.

Reduces Fading.

Safety & Security.

Privacy to help protect you belongings.

Blocks UV rays.

Cuts Glare.

Keeps your vehicle cooler in the summer.

Solar Control.


Many Vehicle Window Tinting Shades to Choose From:

Light Smoke: 50% Tint

Medium Smoke: 65% Tint

Dark Smoke: 80% Tint

Limo Black: 95% Tint

The current regulations can be viewed at VOSA. We are not allowed to interfere with the “Optical Clarity” of the windscreen. However, you may have a sun band to the top. This must be less than 8 inches in depth.

Vehicle window tinting is highly beneficial. For more information regarding vehicle window tinting please contact us. We have many years experience to draw upon to advise you. Please see our gallery for recent projects.