Vehicle Window Tinting Laws

Vehicle Window Tinting Laws

Vehicle window tinting laws have been clarified from 1st January 2004. In essence the Law now states that the Visible Light Transmission must be at least 70% through the driver and front passenger windows – even after the application of Window Film (or other accessories). However, there are no restrictions to the darkness/colour of the window film that can be applied to windows behind the ‘B’ Pillar.

Vehicle Window Tinting Laws Explained.

The reason your driver and front passenger windows should not be tinted by more than 30% is as follows:

Your visability may be reduced, especially:

  • around dawn
  • around dusk
  • when light levels change suddenly ie an onset of bad weather.

Due to reduced visablity, you make be a risk to elderly or vulnerable people

If you drive a vehicle with heavily tinted front windows you may be subject to enforcement action. This could be a prohibition notice, stopping you from using your vehicle on the road until you have had the extra window tint removed. If you are stopped by the police you may also get a penalty notice or a court summons..*


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