Privacy Film 

… If privacy is an issue, you can use privacy film. This provides a complete visible block from the outside gaze whilst still allowing you a clear view out.

Privacy film is available in a vast array of colours and densities. Our popular and attractive sand blasted films allow high light levels in to the building but create a visible block of up to 100%.

Where to use Privacy Film
Internally, you can also create completely private spaces with in your building. This can be achieved by installing either our black opaque or white opaque window film to a glass divider. Adding a company logo or design cut or printed to the privacy film looks professional, while still offering an attractive finish.

An alternative for day time privacy is reflective film. This works by reflecting sunlight on the brighter side on the film, which stops vision through. You are still able to see out as normal. Although normally used on exterior glass, this can also be used on interior glass partitions, depending on lighting conditions.

Privacy Film – An Alternative to Curtains and Blinds.
Why lose natural sunlight when you could use privacy window film? A low maintenance alternative to other privacy alternatives.

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We can offer a wide range of films including Anti Glare Film, Frosted Film, UV Film and Solar Control Film.