Glass Safety Film.

Glass Safety Film.

Glass Safety Film.

If you are looking for a company that knows the importance and safety of windows for your home or your business then come to us  at Advanced Tinting.

Here at Advanced Tinting we know that whether you are in your home or your working in your business, we know that safety is a huge importance to you and windows even though they look stunning can be a real danger to everyone, so we know how to make your windows safe and still make them look admirable and be safe at the same time.

About Advanced Tinting.Advance window tinting

We have running for over 20 years and for those 20 years we have been dedicated to making sure no matter where you are in the day you stay in connection with the outside wonders of the world with our windows. We design all of our windows to fit you whether you are hiring a business car, refurbishing  your home or making your car look even better, at the same time we also aim to make all of our windows more efficient for you and the environment such solar control, so that the harmful rays do not come through your windows, or damage your windows,We have so many years of experience so when you come to us you know that you are in the best possible hands you could be in.

security window filmOur Glass Safety Film

A lot of accidents today in working businesses are caused by windows breaking, whether it was an accident at work or someone vandalising and breaking the windows, it is dangerous and unsafe for everyone and safety in any working place or business is vital to you. We provide the solution for you by using our glass safety film, what this does is when is hit, it limits the damage done and reduces the chances of you being injured by this, so you stay safe.

You can trust us when installing our safety film because we have had it personally checked by the government act and it has been approved unlike a lot of other British windows, they do not meet the standards required, however by coming to us that can all be changed very quickly and you can be proud of your safety windows, and the best part out of all of this is you don’t have to replace your windows and spend huge amounts of money on new windows, you’ll only being paying for putting the safety film on and that is all.

 Our standards will never shatter

Because we have running for so many years, we are determined to keep getting better and better every day and every time a customer comes to us asking for our help, every single member of our staff team are very dedicated to making sure that no matter what you require, we will deliver it to the standard that we always give out and we ensure and guarantee you that after you have come to us, not only will you be satisfied with our work but if you have another window or glass problem you will come to us straight away.

We always like to hear from our customers after we have finished a job with them and what they think of our improvements we have made, so many of our customers have sent us feedback and have amazed and dazzled by what we have done, so why do you be apart of the Advanced Tinting Standards today.

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If you are interested in getting your windows protected with our special glass safety film that once you have it you’ll be glad you had it then call us today on 01202 399388.