Vehicle Tinting FAQ’s

Q. How dark can the windows be?

A. The Law has been clarified from 1st January 2004. In essence the Law now states that the Visible Light Transmission must be at least 70% through the driver and front passenger windows – even after the application of Window Film (or other accessories). However, there are no restrictions to the darkness/colour of the window film that can be applied to windows behind the ‘B’ Pillar.

Q. Can I tint my windscreen?

A. We are not allowed to interfere with the “Optical Clarity” of the windscreen. However, you may have a sun band to the top, but it must be less than 8 inches in depth.

Q. My car has windows ‘tinted’ by the manufacturer, why should I still use your product?

A. Many reasons. Firstly manufacturer glass does not protect the passengers from UV radiation – which can be harmful to you, your children and pets (see World Health Organization). Also, coloured glass has worse solar rejection properties than clear glass, so your car may actually get hotter and (if you have air-conditioning) use more fuel keeping the occupants cool!

Q. Can I have my van tinted?

A. Yes.

Q. I’ve heard that tinting peels off after a while and looks “tacky”

A. The Llumar® and Formula 1® products used by Advanced Tinting have been tried and tested in the most demanding environments. All our fitters undergo training on correct application by the manufacturers to ensure a professional service. All our metal-based products are supplied with a 60-month warranty that covers bubbling, peeling and fading.

Q. What other benefits are gained?

A. There are three main extra benefits:

  1. You are protected from flying glass in the event of a side impact accident.
  2. Access by thieves through the windows is slowed because of the strength of the film (However, if you want proper protection you need the CPFilms Thatcham Q Listed product).
  3. Because all or film rejects 99.9% UV rays and reflects solar energy you will enjoy a more comfortable environment inside the car – both in the summer and winter.

Commercial / Residential FAQ’s

Q. How long is the window film effective?

A. We guarantee both our work and the window film for life

Q. How is it cleaned?

A. Easily. With most common window cleaning products like Windex, Glass Plus, etc. Never use brushes or any abrasives which will harm the surface.

Q. Will it bubble?

A. No. CDF (Clear Distortion Free) adhesives form a molecular bond to the glass, eliminating unsightly bubbling.

Q. How will my building look with window film on it?

A. The building will have a uniform appearance typically only found with expensive treated glass.

Q. Will my view from the inside out be compromised?

A. No. Neutral window films are designed to be viewed from the inside and will not compromise your view from the indoors. Privacy window films will change the interior appearance.

Q. Will it break the glass?

A. No, not if the glass is installed by experts according to CPFilms Film-to-Glass Recommendations. There are times, however, when there are invisible chips in an area of the glass which become stressed after window film is installed, subsequently causing a breakage.

Q. Can I get customised decorative window films?

A. Specialty designs can either be hand-cut or computer generated to give the appearance of etched glass.

Q. Who backs the warranty?

A. CPFilms Inc., a subsidiary of Solutia Inc.

Q. How can I find out more?

A. Call 01202 399 388 / 01722 323438 / 07910 128830 or e-mail us at info@advancedtinting.co.uk