Conservatory Window Tinting 

Why Conservatory tinting?

Are you one of those in the UK that find that they have a beautiful conservatory that is unfortunately unused 50% of the year as, during the summer you find it too hot and uncomfortable to relax in, and during the winter it is just too cold. Conservatory window tinting is a very cost efficient solution to this by providing both protection and insulation for your conservatory and allowing your conservatory to create a cooler environment in the summer and a warmer one in the winter, allow you to use your conservatory all year round. You can sit in your conservatory and relax whilst in a controlled temperature unaffected by the harshest of weather conditions outside. Applying tinting to your conservatory windows also provides quite a number of other benefits.


Cool in summer

Warm in winter

80% glare reduction

Reduction in heating bills

No need for roof blinds

No dust or insects trapped

Plants flourish

Increased security (one way film)

Protects furnishings and fabrics

Rejects 99% of the sun’s UV

10 year guarantee

How Window Tinting Effects Conservatory Lighting

Due to the number of films on the market today, it is still possible achieve conservatory window tinting without reducing the percentage of light which illuminates your rooms. Alternatively, if you live with daylight creating glare and hampering your comfort, window tinting is a great way of reducing this glare without closing your curtains.


This is wonderfully beneficial for a number of reasons. In the modern age many enjoy doing work or browsing Google on their laptop during a glorious summers day. The glare reduction that is provided by tinted windows will allow you to comfortably see your screen. If you have a glass roof in your conservatory, it is wonderful to know you gain all the benefits of the light provided by the sun directly overhead, without having to squint and furrow your brow to protect your eyes.


How Window Tinting saves you money

Due to the nature of the LLumar Vista conservatory window tinting films used, tinting is a great way to reduce heating costs due the “the retention factor”. Heat is often lost through windows. By fitting window film to the windows can reduce the amount of heat loss dramatically, giving you a true reflection of your heating overheads. Also, during the summer months, heat can be a major problem in some properties. Tinting also reduces  the temperature in the summer time by blocking out the solar heat.

Protection provided by Window film

The sun’s UV rays can be incredibly damaging to both humans and materials.


“ Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation present in sunlight is an environmental human carcinogen. The toxic effects of UV from natural sunlight and therapeutic artificial lamps are a major concern for human health. The major acute effects of UV irradiation on normal human skin comprise sunburn inflammation erythema, tanning, and local or systemic immunosuppression. ” — Matsumura and Ananthaswamy , (2004)

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Many conservatory owners spend several hours a day in their conservatory throughout every summer. this of coarse can be potentially very damaging. With the addition of a window film you will be protected from the harmful UV rays.


The sun’s UV rays can be incredibly damaging to a large number of materials, especially wood, explained in detail here. With your conservatory furnishings being permanently exposed to sun light this can seriously reduce their quality. By rejecting 99% of the sun’s UV rays conservatory window tinting will reduce fading of carpets, furniture, paintwork, plastics, hardwood floors and linoleum.

Why Advanced tinting?

Advanced Tinting have years of experience with conservatory window tinting. Our service is both professional and efficient. Covering the south of the UK and beyond (at request), we have provided a huge number of Conservatory tinting installations and have a trail of highly satisfied customers behind us (we would be happy to provide references). We are an accredited UK installer of LLumar Vista window films. For a free consultation and site assessment for conservatory window tinting Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can advise you on the best window tinting options for your needs. Advanced Tinting 0120 239 9388.