UV Window Film 

…Ultra Violet (UV) radiation can cause serious health risks. UV window film can reduce UV penetration into your building by up to 99%

UV radiation not only damages people, sunlight also damages your stock and interior decorations. Practically any product which is dyed will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. The impact of the UV rays on your stock furniture or fittings may vary, but gradually everything exposed will deteriorate. Not only is this unsightly but also expensive to replace or repair. These problems can be significantly reduced by using UV window film.

Benefits of UV Window Film:

Assists in summer cooling.

Easy to clean.

It reduces energy costs in the winter by preventing heat loss.

Long life span. This UV Protection Clear Window Film has a scratch resistant coating.

It rejects 99% of harmful UV rays. This is the main cause of fading to furnishings, upholstery and fixtures. It can increase the normal fading life by 50%.

Using UV window film should give you a healthier happier workforce protecting your employees and stock and cut down on redecoration costs.

With so many types of window film to choose from, there’s a lot to consider when looking for the right solution. With over 20 years in the industry, we have the experience to advise you of the best options for your requirements.