Solar Control Film 

Solar Control Film can resude the suns heating effect by up to 80% (leading to a heat gain reduction of 71%). This reduces the cost of maintaining a comfortable environment for employees, customers and clients.

These days many commercial buildings have large glazed areas. Whether your building is a large multi storey office block or small unit, allowing sufficient light into your premises is vital. While at the same time minimizing the damaging side effects of heat build up and the harmful UV rays.

Large glazed areas are central to today’s commercial architecture. Whether its an office building, shopping centre, art gallery or airport. Customers, employees and business owners are all drawn to facilities rich in natural light. Such wide open building design has a high price for building owners managers and tenants. Large windows not only let in light, but allow excessive heat to build up which sends energy costs soaring.

Solar Control Film – LLumar Performance Films

In summer the heating effect of the sun can make your workplace uncomfortable and more expensive to cool. LLumar performance films can reject as much as 79% of unwanted solar energy. Solar control film repels the suns rays stopping them from entering your premises. This reduces the need for air conditioning and your overall energy costs.

Regulating the light admitted through windows into Data centres can help keep room temperatures within required tolerances. This optimises equipment performance.

LLumar performance films are a cost effective, unobtrusive solution. They require no maintenance other than normal window cleaning.

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