Security Window Film 

…Can be used externally to reduce the effects of vandal attacks, accidents or acts of terror. Security Window Film is normally used where the prime object is to reduce vandalism or theft.

Unfortunately acts of vandalism and violence are becoming more common place. While no product can protect you from this completely, using security window film can minimize the impact. Current regulations require glass in new builds to be able to withstand normal impacts. The glass in your building is normally the weakest point. As such, it is vulnerable to criminal attacks.

Whether by intruders’ vandals or even acts of terrorism. You may not be able to prevent these accidents or incidents, but by using security film you can minimize the effects. Some security window film can also reduce visibility inside from outside. This obscures the view and deters thieves from making an impulsive smash and grab attack.

Commercial security window film is a durable polymer film. It is fitted to the window using strong adhesive which bonds to the glass. It is also designed to withstand a limited amount of repeated impacts. This slows down intruders. So should an incident occur, the glass will be held in place, keeping flying glass from being propelled inside your premises will greatly reduce the likely hood of serious injury.

The home office recommends anti shatter film in regard to bomb and blast protection. UsingLLumar film in conjunction with the Frame/Lo edge retention system will hold shattered glass securely and safely in place. In the event of an explosion accidental damage or vandalism LLumar security film will protect your staff customers and premises from injury and damage. Flying glass is the biggest cause of death or injury in the event of a blast.

For maximum security we recommend LLumar security films, tested to the highest anti shatter standards and crystal clear. They also have the advantage of preventing 95% of UV light from entering the building.