Anti Glare Window Film 

Anti glare window film improves the working environment for employees and customers. Llumar Performance can reduce glare by as much as 83%.

Why use Anti Glare Window Film?

Anti glare window film can be fitted retrospectively to your office windows without disruption and at a fraction of the cost of anti glare glazing.

Anti glare window film has many benefits. On bright sunny days the sunlight can cause problems on computer screens which can be distracting and uncomfortable. However many people experience this in Spring and Autumn when the sun is low. This problem can be solved by the use of blinds but you lose natural daylight and open views. It can make your anti glare window film office space feel enclosed. Installing commercial window film can reduce glare, whilst retaining a bright cheerful working environment. Using anti glare window film also allows the occupants unobstructed views day or night.

Other benefits of Anti Glare Window Films include:

Controlling solar heat gain, giving further improvements in comfort and also reducing air conditioning loads and energy costs.

Enhancing and modernising the appearance of buildings.

Reducing the risk of glass injuries from accidental breakages.

Providing privacy for premises by restricting the view from the outside.

Protecting furnishings from fading by stopping virtually all UV light.

Improving security against intruders entering through glazing.

Although solar control film reduces glare, there are specific films which can be used if glare is a particular problem. Direct sunlight entering the building creates glare making it uncomfortable for customers and employees, particularly those using computer screens. This can cause eye strain and even migraines. Installing anti glare or solar window films will increase the comfort within your building and can increase productivity. They address the issues of solar glare and UV protection while allowing visible light to pass through.