Commercial Tinting Reading

Commercial Tinting Reading

Commercial Tinting Reading

Commercial tinting Reading can be extremely beneficial. There are a wide variety of reasons your business premises could benefit from commercial tinting Reading.

These include:

  • Protection from UV Rays. Reduce UV penetration by up to 99%.
  • Heat Retention. Low-E Films can dramatically cut heat loss.
  • Security. Reduce the effects of vandalism.
  • Aesthetics. A cost effective way to boost your brand.

Our Commercial Tinting Reading Service Covers:

SOLAR CONTROL FILM …can reduce the suns heating effect by up to 80% (leading to a heat gain reduction of 71%). This reduces the cost of maintaining a comfortable environment for employees customers and clients.

ANTI GLARE WINDOW FILM…improves the working environment for employees and customers. LLumar performance films can reduce glare by as much as 83%

UV WINDOW FILMUltra Violet (UV) radiation can cause serious health risks. UV film can reduce UV penetration into your building by up to 99%

LOW-E WINDOW FILMIn buildings with large glazed areas Low E film can be used to improve heat retention. . Use of Low-E Films can cut down heat loss up to as much as 35%, reducing heating bills.

DECORATIVE WINDOW FILM A very versatile product. Comes in many shades and colours. Has uses internally and externally

FROSTED WINDOW FILM…Frosted window film has a translucent sandblasted effect. Comes in many colours and patterns.

STAINED GLASS WINDOW FILM…You can create a stylish stained glass veneer effect using our vibrant tints such as rose red, emerald green or royal blue

PATTERNED WINDOW FILMRemodel your work space or offices at a fraction of the cost of replacing your existing glass

MANIFESTATION WINDOW FILMManifestation film is a window film product used in commercial buildings where there are large uninterrupted areas of transparent glazing. This is to prevent people walking into glass. Manifestation and window graphics are a simple cost effective and flexible alternative to glass acid etching. It protects employees and customers from avoidable accidents.

SECURITY WINDOW FILMCan be used externally to reduce the effects of vandal attacks, accidents or acts of terror. It is normally used where the prime object is to reduce vandalism or theft.

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