Car Window Tinting in Poole

Car Window Tinting in Poole

Car Window Tinting in Poole

Are you bored of your car? Do you want to jazz it up a little? At Advanced Tinting, we offer customers in Poole a wonderful Car Window Tinting service. We have a wide range of window tints that will add a really stylish edge to your vehicle. So why are you still driving a boring vehicle when you can have one of our great tinted windows today?

The Benefits of Car Windows Tinting Poole

There is a huge array of benefits to having your car windows in Poole tinted, the following which we have listed below:

  • Tinted windows look great and will make your car look cool.
  • Vehicle will be cooler and more comfortable to drive in the summer as the window film blocks out 99% of UV rays.
  • Glare will be a thing of the past! You will be able to drive without squinting the whole way.
  • In the event of an accident, the film sticks to the glass, and there will be no flying glass!
  • Your car will be harder to break in for thieves due to the strength of the film.
  • Increased privacy for your car

What Shades Are Available?

Advanced Tinting believe in providing our customers in Poole with a wide selection of window tinting in different shades to meet all of our customer’s needs.

  • Limo Black-95% Tint
  • Dark Smoke-80% Tint
  • Medium Smoke-65% Tint
  • Light Smoke-50% Tint

Why Choose Advanced Tinting?

Our company has years of experience in providing high quality car window tinting in Poole. In all car window tinting we only use tried and tested products such as Llumar® and Formula 1®. So if you would like a company who will be able to renovate and add a stylish touch to your car, only choose Advanced Tinting. We can be contacted on 01202 399 388 or alternatively contact us on

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