Window Frosting Film

Window Frosting Film

Window frosting film.

Frosted glass.

Tinted windows.

Window frosting film.

Window frosting film has a translucent sandblasted effect you can choose from many different also you can get many different designs they can be used as decoration in office blocks to give it something out of the ordinary frosted films can transform any room to have a special feel to it.

We have a very extensive selection of films they can be added to an existing window to create a visual barrier. When the films have been applied they create a water tight barrier. The films are very easily removed if no longer wanted on windows.

All the frosted films let at least 80% sunlight once fitted.

You can put frosted window films wherever you want to put them such as cars, conservatories, office windows and home windows if too want.

The products are very easy to apply and once they are finished they look great.

The frosted film is an alternative to replacing the glass blinds and shutters and there is no inconvenience because there will be no blinds blowing about when you have the windows open allowing the office block to work effectively without getting distracted.

The films are effectively just a sticker they are applied by cleaning the window and waiting for the coolest part of the day otherwise it could streak then you just simply just stick it to the window.

Frosted film has become one of the most popular interior design solutions it’s a durable professional standard window film. Window frosted film gives you are calming and workable experience in any room you desire. The most common place we put the window frosted film is cars and office blocks and we do a lot of conservatories.

It’s incredible versatile offering corporate, decorative and even gives you a safety application to glazed windows.

You can even have text or logos on to the window film this is perfect for company’s that want to advertise there company in a modern style without having huge notice boards to advertise there company.

Frosted glass.

Frosted glass gets produced by sandblasting or acid etching it helps glass stop shattering it can be used to decorate a room giving you a nice effect on your windows.

Frosted glass is a film that gives the window a very good looking effect you can buy already frosted glass but it’s very expensive this is a cheap and easy way to make your windows look great.

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