Car Window Tinting Bournemouth

Car Window Tinting Bournemouth

Car Window Tinting Bournemouth

Car Window Tinting BournemouthYou may think we cannot carry out car window tinting Bournemouth in the rain and cold weather, but we can!

Now is the ideal time to think about tinting your car windows, preparing your vehicle for the coming warmer months. With extensively tested window film solutions now available, it is possible to tint your car windows even in freezing conditions.

The Llumar® and Formula 1® products used by Advanced Tinting have been tried and tested in the most demanding environments. All our fitters undergo training on correct application by the manufacturers to ensure a professional service. All our metal-based products are supplied with a 60-month warranty that covers bubbling, peeling and fading.

Benefits of Car Window Tinting Bournemouth

There are three main extra benefits:

  1. You are protected from flying glass in the event of a side impact accident.
  2. Access by thieves through the windows is slowed because of the strength of the film (However, if you want proper protection you need the CPFilms Thatcham Q Listed product).
  3. Because all or film rejects 99.9% UV rays and reflects solar energy you will enjoy a more comfortable environment inside the car – both in the summer and winter.

For more information on our car window tinting Bournemouth services, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any queries you may have about vehicle tinting. You can also visit out FAQs Page for information about shades and opacity.

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