Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Llumar have introduced a brand new product for car owners – Paint Protection Film.

Advanced Tinting are now offering Paint Protection Film to vehicle owners across Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, Southampton, Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

Advanced Tinting use only the highest quality products. LLumar’s Paint Protection Film has a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, warranted against cracking, peeling or bubbling – all common problems associated with inferior films.

*Incredibly high clarity and almost invisible once installed, LLumar’s Paint Protection Film is an 8 mil (200 micron) urethane film that delivers superior protection for vehicles from chips and minor scuffs caused by flying debris such as stones, rock salt and insects.

LLumar Paint Protection film has a dual layer construction, with the top layer providing a long lasting hard coat to preserve the high gloss finish. Besides its finish and low level of “Orange Peel” LLumar’s Paint Protection Film also offers incredible elasticity making forming easier than ever before. A 5 mil (125 micron) thick easy release silicone coated polyester liner makes handling, cutting and plotting even more effortless than before.

After your home, your vehicle is often your single biggest purchase. Protecting your assets could not be simpler than installing LLumar Paint Protection Film!

*Information from Llumar

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